• Patrick Barnes

Newton's Laws of Motion

I initially thought about naming my company “1st Law Coaching” because I liked the connection between Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion and coaching. The First Law of Motion states that a body at rest or in motion will stay at the same speed unless some force affects it.[1] The second law states that the amount of change is the same as that of the force introduced to it.[2] A coach is actively encouraging the client to realize that, like the Newton’s first law, if you don’t take action towards the change you desire, nothing will happen. do something towards achieving the change you desire, nothing will happen. Further, like the second law, the change is only as great as the effort you put into it.

A coach’s role is not to solve the client’s problems or provide an instruction manual to achieve change. The coach holds the client accountable for taking the steps necessary to enact the change, and encourage the client to realize they have the strength and know-how to do it.

Remember, a body at rest stays at rest indefinitely until some force changes that. You’re the “body”, and changes you make are the “force.” If you drive to and from your job every day stewing on how much you hate it, but you haven’t decided what you would do instead, or how to get to go about it, prepare to continue making that drive for a very long time. Nobody is going to come along and offer you the dream job out of the blue.

The second rule says the amount of change is equal to the force introduced to it, you have to do more than wish things were different. Write down a list of things you’ve done to change jobs or careers. Is there anything written down besides thinking about it? If not, the introduced force is pretty weak, and so too is the change towards the new career/job.

This seems like a simple concept, but it is great visualization. Where are you going, and at what speed? Don’t like the direction (or lack thereof)? Too slow? Introduce change. Can’t picture the ideal result, or don’t think you have the self-confidence or determination to make it happen? Hire a coach to help.

A coach will show you that you are capable, and you do know what your ideal result is. Clients set the objective of a coaching session, and the coach ensures the focus and energy is dedicated to accomplishing it. Open up to your coach about your intentions and your goal, or in using our metaphor, your speed and trajectory. The coach can be the force you need to make the change.

You are capable of whatever you set your mind to, but without a concerted effort to make a change, you are destined to stay at rest or stay at the same linear speed. If you need help realizing your potential, a coach can help.

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