Do you feel like you're stuck and aren't sure how to fix it? You may not know what the solution is yet, or maybe you do but you don't know how to get to it. Either way, the answer is likely within you already, you just need someone to help you focus in on what it is that you truly want, and then hold you accountable in getting there. 

Coaching is a broad term, but it can be distilled down to someone with the job of making sure you get from Point A to Point B. In this modern world, distractions are endless, and putting things off until tomorrow is easier than ever. Further, those in your life already may have biased opinions on what you should do, and you may not have the devoted support that you need to make a change. A coach is completely and totally on your side, and will help you find the path and stay on it. 

My coaching is based on my belief in mindful conversation without an alternate agenda. Listen, process, and create. Those are the keys to a successful coaching session. Active listening is crucial, as clients say so much beyond their words, and it is important for a coach to be able to be present enough to listen to the words and the energy of those words. A client should be able to process with a coach by brainstorming, weighing pros and cons, and visualizing the ideal future. Creating the future you want is possible, and coaching can help you get there. 

I am open to all types of coaching, from career changes, life/work balance, better productivity, fulfillment, and so much more. There is a solution, and you already know what it is. A coach can help you realize your potential and your strengths. 

If you are interested in speaking with me about helping you reach your potential, I offer a free initial session, and wouldld be pleased to discuss with you. 


 As a licensed attorney, I know how stressful the legal profession can be, and that some attorneys might regret going into the field or their current area of law. Years of schooling, student loans, and working your way up in a firm prevents these lawyers from deciding to try something else, even if they know that is what is best for them. 

A change is possible, and you are not stuck. I can help coach attorneys that feel like they either need to change the type of law they're practicing, and don't know how to shift their practice, or they want out of the field entirely and aren't sure what to do next or how to do it. 

My coaching process would involve helping you realize your best strengths, interests, and passions, combine them and find possible professions, and then help you put a plan in place to make the profession your new reality. 

Do not think that you are stuck in the field or job you're in. Realize your potential and what you really want to do. 

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